What is this blog about? Not 100% sure yet …

How many people are dreaming of escaping the cubicle and get hooked on Internet Marketing by smart marketers?

Maybe cubicle is not really applicable to me. But the cockpit of my airplane isn’t much bigger and hanging in the air for 9 hours or more sure feels like 9 to 5 sometimes. The glamorous world of long haul aviation is losing it’s shine or am I just getting older?

So I have decided to give it a shot and work at income replacement so I can spend more time in my own bed than in hotel rooms. My family is voting all thumbs up!

I ‘ve had a few minor successes. And enough confidence to take some voluntary reduction in my work (and pay).

Look around and see if you find something that inspires you. And if you happen to buy through some of my ads or affiliate links I will always be grateful. (would this satisfy FTC regulations?)

Don’t hesitate to leave some thoughtful comments. If you have a question just hit the contact pageĀ  (on my to do list)…

Thanks for your time,


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