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Fresh Starts & Modest Changes

It is the season of New Year’s resolutions. We typically don’t think too hard about the things we resolve to do different this year but they never last longer than a week or two anyway.

Whatever major changes we would like to see in our lives, it is a lot harder to do than we imagined at the bar having a few beers with our friends.

A better approach is trying to make little corrections and constantly moving forward to make your life better.

That is what “Fresh Starts & Modest Changes” is about. I stumbled across this interesting post by Merlin Mann this week and decided to share it. It is not new, but neither are your resolutions, right?

Good Intentions Or Wishful Thinking?

It is that time of the year again when you say to yourself: ‘This time it is going to be different’.

‘I will lose 15 pounds by March, sort out the room stacked with boxes full of old paperwork and finally start an internet business that will get me out of the cubicle by the end of the year’.

But like all the other times it will probably not even take a month before all these good intentions are forgotten and life goes on as usual.

Well … maybe not this year. Continue reading Good Intentions Or Wishful Thinking?